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4. Februar 2020: Von Jan Brill 

AT.ATO.153 Quick Guides

4. Februar 2020: Von Jan Brill an Jan Brill

I have received my login name. How to proceed?

In order to get access to your training records and sign the training contract, you need to first make sure your login works:

  1. Go to flugdienst.at
    If you already know you passwort from previous training or other services, enter it in the top left corner and hit "Log in" and proceed to step 5.

  2. If you don't know your password, you need to reset it by email. Click "Forgot Password" below the login fields and follow the instructions.

  3. You'll receive an email with a link to reset your password. Follow the link and assign a new password according to the instructions provided.

  4. When completed, go back to flugdienst.at and log in.

  5. After login, you should see your own name in the top center of the screen. Click your name. This gets you to your pilot file "FLIGHT OPERATIONS" sections of your account.

  6. In the "FLIGHT OPERATIONS" section, you should see multiple documents, sorted by date. Some are green (="OK"), some are orange (="action required").

  7. You should see a record named "Document Review Training Contract". You're in the right place!
    Click "Edit" in the left lower corner of the line.

  8. To sign your training contract, continue with the "how to sign documents" quick guide.

  9. To access training documents, click on the documents-link below the training aircraft in the right column or click the course you're taking and go to the aircraft in the "Selected Aircraft and Training Documents" link.
You will see more documents now than before in the free version of the site.
4. Februar 2020: Von Jan Brill an Jan Brill

How to sign documents in AIRDOCS?

Navigate to to the "FLIGHT OPERATIONS" section of the account, by clicking on the name of the person in the homescreen. If you don't see the same, you're either not logged in or you don't have sufficient privileges.

From the list of documente, select "Edit" for the document you want to sign.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the BIG checkbox next the "Sign document as [your name]" text. Then, click "Update object" below to save the document. Done!

Note: If you want to hand the document over to e.g. a student who hat no digital device ready to sign it himself, you can do so without logging out of your account. Simply have the student enter his username and passwort on the right side of the signature line, check the box and click "Update object".

5. Februar 2020: Von Jan Brill an Jan Brill

Instructors: How do I fill out a grade sheet?

A Grade Sheet has to be filled out after every flight. If the pause between block-on and block-off is less thatn 60 minutes, you may combine multiple flights on one grade sheets. If the pause is longer you have to create a new grade sheet.

There are two ways to create a Grade Sheet: Manually from the student file or automatically from iLog. If the aircraft you're training in suppors iLog, please use the automatic creation and refer to the iLog documentation for details.

To manually create a Grade Sheet, logn in as an instructor and navigate to the students training file "FLIGHT OPERATION" by clicking his name in the list of active students on the home screen:

In the "Add new..." section of the page, go the the line named "ATO-Training General:" and click the button labeled "Grade Sheet".
A new Grade Sheet is being created. The course name and student name should be pre-filled.

The Grade Sheet consists of four sections:

  1. Header
  2. Flight Details
  3. Grading
  4. Signature

The Header Section contains data for the student, instructor and aircraft used. Fill in or crosscheck the prefilled data according to the following instructions:

  • Course Name: The course this training is applied to (should be prefilled)
  • Mission Content: Short discription and mission no. from the training manuel. E.g. "Mission #1 General Familiarisation"
    If you train excercises out of sequence it should be noted here, e.g. "Instroduction OEI", or "Repetition Circle to Land Appr".
  • Date: The date of the first flight covered by the Grade Sheet.
  • Student: Name of the Student, should be prefilled, leave as is.
  • Instructor: You. Use your three letter code only. If found, AIRDOCS fills in the full name.
  • A/C: Used only for Grade Sheets created from iLog. Don't bother.
  • Aircraft Registration: The reg, with no dashes etc. E.g. "DIMME" or "HBLNX"
  • Aircraft Type ICAO: The type identiffer you use in your FPL
  • Make Model: Coloquial name e.g. "Cheyenne II XL" or leave blank

Next, is the Flight Details Section:

Here, only block time is required. Fill at least:

  • Date (DOF, again)
  • Offblock
  • Onblock
  • Blockt.: Block time, should be calculated automatically
  • D.T/O: Day take offs
  • D.LDG: Day landings
  • D.TNG: Day touch and gos
  • N.T/O: Night take offs
  • N.LDG: Night landings
  • N.TNG: Night touch and gos
  • Appr.: The number of instrument approaches performed

Then the Grades Section:

N/A = Not applicable or not part of the students tasks; AS = Above Standard; S = Standard; SI = Should Improve. Any SI-Grade has to be explained in detail in the remarks section!
You may use "Set all to S" to start with a baseline and adjust the grades.'
"Standard" should be consideres an average student, doing his first rating in this class of aeroplane.

Finally, the Signatures Section:

Sign the Grade Sheet yourself and make sure the student signs it as well, see Quick Guide: How to sign documents in AIRDOCS?


  1. Always click "Update Object" at the bottom when you have changed or entered data. Otherwhise, your changes will be lost!

  2. All changes will be logged with timestamp and user.

  3. Make sure to fill out the Grade Sheet on the day the training was performed.

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