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Engagierter Journalismus aus Sicht des eigenen Cockpits
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Cannes Air Show  
15. Juni 2011: Von Jan Brill  Twin < 5,7 to. PAY1

Mainz Finthen EDFZ | Luxembourg ELLX | Mandelieu Cannes LFMD

One day trip to Cannes for the fair on Friday June 10th. Via ELLX again for fuel. Departed 7:44 loc in EDFZ, 26 mins to ELLX. Very quick refueling for 0,67 Euro/l plus VAT. Then a ground-hold of 45 minutes. Controller seemed to have had a good day:

TWR: "MA, good news, bad news: We found your flightplan, but it's a 45 minute delay."
A/C: "MA, copy, any information on where the delay comes from?" (maybe a VFR-departure might help?)
TWR: "MA, negative but we have another traffic, a Citation, going to Cannes as well, he has 3 hours."
A/C: "MA, copy, looks like our lucky day then…"

While sitting on ELLX P2 multiple delegations arrived for the EU interior minister conference. Interesting to see the differences in the national flying habits:
  • Austria: Older "straight" CJ with a delegation of 3.
  • Germany: Police helicopter and a delegation of 2.
  • Italy: Piaggio Avanti and a small delegation
  • Czech Republic: Giant old russian airliner and a delegation of 10+ (but they were the only ones smiling and waving at us!)
Planning to Cannes wasn't easy. IFR-slots are rare, so we booked a VFR-slot indenting to go Y.
But NOTAM B2294/11 said no Y-plans for the duration of the show MON 0600-1200, FRI SUN 0600-2000. What to do? I called the airport and they in effect said: "Never mind."
So we flew India prepared to cancel well before LFMD. "Never mind" seemed to have been correct, we were kept IFR all the way to Nice and only got a visual approach to sort of comply with our slot after asking three times.

Airport is very friendly and not expensive at all: 17 Euros for a Cheyenne during the show.
Departure was Z with pickup over IRMAR. Worked great with VFR climb all the way up to FL195.

Photos by: Klaus Schulte

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ELLX in typical weather.

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